Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Horse Birthday Cake

My daughter requested that I make a birthday cake for her friend. Thinking it was later this summer I said yes. Turns out it was this month, and she wanted the cake for the party they were having last Friday. She was specific about a few details. It had to have horses, grass and a fence. And it had to have a second tier, so that she could save it for her actual birth date (it was just a few days later). I got to work and together we created a cake to surprise the birthday girl with!

The cake is frosted with my trusty recipe for buttercream frosting from Sharon Zambito of SugarED Productions. I now only use Hi Ratio shortening instead of Crisco and have amazing results. I took my time and followed Sharon's method for icing the cake. I still have a lot of trouble with the final step of using the computer paper for the final shine. I did great on the top tier, but I had a lot of trouble with the bottom tier.

Fortuntely the fondant decorations cover most of those little mistakes! The horses are made from cutting them out of chocolate marshmallow. The rest of the decorations are from marshmallow fondant. I painted the fondant with pearl dust to give it a little sparkle and shine.

Happy Birthday Sydney!

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