Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dragonfly Cake

Here is the cake inspired by the dragonfly ribbon!

The dragonflies were made using white chocolate, much easier than royal frosting. I only had two break when I was placing them on the cake. The frosting is all buttercream.

What did I learn from this cake?

First, don't rush to make the cake, because if it's truly going to be a practice cake then one really should take the time and practice!

Square cakes are definitely harder to frost than round ones. Getting square edges seems nearly impossible, and just when you think you have it, you realize you have removed most of the frosting and now the cake is showing through the corner.

It was a great idea to color the frosting in the lightest shade first, then adjust the color for the next two layers. It was not such a great idea to keep whipping the frosting (more and more air bubbles each time) and then forget to save enough of each color to do the edges. Not easy to match up the color when it's late and your are tired of making a cake.

If you are going to off set the cake layers, make sure nothing hangs over, because frosting has a hard time clinging to the sides in midair. Fortunately only one corner fell off...but did I save frosting to fix NO! So, not only save enough frosting of each color to pipe the enough for touch ups!

Yes, it was a learning experience and I am pretty sure by everyone's reaction at church they like they way it turned out!

Front Top View:Front View:
Back Views:

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