Saturday, August 22, 2009

Surprise Cake Voting Begins!

This month you get to vote on a cake that you have no idea who it's for, the occasion, or color. You get one hint, it's for a young lady. The pictures are all in black and white, and only partial photos of cakes, so you can't be swayed in choosing the design element based on those elements.

There are four choices, so choose the design element you like the best. Be sure to place your vote in the side poll. You can vote as many times as you want...I will never know! Polls close on September 18. That will give me a week to start putting together the cake to surprise the young lady. Also, feel free to leave a comment what you liked about your choice. Or any ideas that you think would look good with the element your voted on!

Choice #1: Roses
Choice #2: Diamonds
Choice #3: Spring BlossomsChoice #4: Petunias

After I reveal the final cake I will post a complete picture of each cake, in color, with a link to the original cake decorator/designer. Each picture is of a different cake.

Don't forget to place your vote in side bar.
Leave a comment of what you liked about the design element you choose.
And be sure to come back and check out the final cake design!


Robin said...

I just love the little dainty roses.

Katidids said...

OH! To late to vote but I love the petunias, white or cream frosting with bright spring color flowers...mmmmm