Monday, March 30, 2009

Chocolate Tools and boxes

After I finished the jungle cake for the baby shower, I spent last week making chocolate tool boxes, tools, and hearts for our women's retreat. Thankfully my DD helped and we managed to get 48 treat bags filled with hearts and 46 tool boxes made. Also we made several dozen tools and hearts to complement the tool boxes. Our theme was "Extreme Makeover: Heart Edition" the reason for the tools and hearts.

We made these hearts also in white and pink chocolate, then put them in little bags and tied them up with pink ribbon. They were placed on the pillows of each retreat guest.
Chocolate Set of Tools and Tool box. We also did these is pink and white chocolate:
Each retreat lady enjoyed her own stash of chocolate and when home with there tools and boxes:

I didn't have this picture the other day when I did the cake photos. This is how we presented the cake, the candy favors on the table were provided by the hostess and the giraffe was a gift from my DD.

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Robin said...

Love the chocolate tool boxes! So cute!