Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Wedding Cake

Wednesday night a friend called me and explained that her brother had been taken to the hospital and was in ICU, and that they weren't sure what was wrong with him. Because of that his wife, who needed to be with him, would not be able to make a wedding cake that was due on Saturday. My friend asked if I could help, assuring me she had everything and they really just needed me to decorate the cake. Well, I ended up helping her shop for the pans, purchase the ingredients, and figuring, out what she would need to make a three tiered square wedding cake.

First I have never made a square wedding cake, or a square cake for that matter that I would need to frost.

Second, I had never frosted a cake in Pastry Pride (whipped cream frosting).

And third, I had never made a cake in so short of time.

My friend did help, but I did end up doing most of the work on the cake. She helped me bake the cakes on Thursday. I trim the cakes, and filled them, while she prepared the frosting Friday morning. However by Friday afternoon, I pretty much decided that either the cake would look awful in Pastry Pride.

So my friend and I decided to go with my buttercream, so off to the store to get what we needed. We scraped off the frosting and I frosted the entire in buttercream. By the time I got the cake frosted, stacked and ready for decorating it was already 8 at night. My friend put the ribbon on, at that point we decided to skip the dots and shell border.

At 9:00 we put the final dowel in and packed it in the car. I was supposed to have be on the road to visit friends in another city. She was already supposed to on her way with the cake to where the wedding was to take place then next day, Saturday! At 9:20 we each left, her with the cake, me completely exhausted on my way home to pack! Yep, I wasn't even packed, but I got home, got my packing done, piled everyone in the car and headed to our friends! My friend sent me a text and assured me that cake arrived safe and sound, then after the wedding sent another telling me everyone loved the cake!

Here is the cake all finished and set up at the house where they had the wedding. The flowers were all placed on cake before the wedding. Needless to say I am glad it all worked out well, and best wished to the happy couple!

Here is a photo they sent me of how the cake turned out:


Rayne said...

This cake is beautiful! I just had a question - how did you get the ribbon to adhere to the cake so neatly? I've been asked to do a buttercream-iced wedding cake as a favor to a friend (I'm not a professional and this will be my first foray into stacked cakes). She wants ribbon around the bottom of each tier, but I'm not sure what to use to hold there and/or secure the ends: piping gel, buttercream or something else? Many thanks for your expertise! ~ Rayne

Sandi said...

Thanks for your comments! My best advice for you it to visit, and check the forums that is where I learned about it! Two things I would recommend, back your ribbons with parchment paper or wax paper. Also, measure and iron each corner for a more crisp corner. If you are doing a round cake, you won't need to worry about that. I use long florist stick pins to hold the ribbon, or you can tape it with a good strong tape. Also, check out for a variety of DVDs on cake decorating instructions, it's how I learned to stack a cake! Best wishes on your cake!