Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sugar Shack's Fondant DVD

I forget to mention in the last post I used Sugar Shack's latest DVD on how to cover a cake in fondant. I decided that since I wanted to make a cake for the bake sale and my DVD had just arrived, this was a perfect time to try out her method. I followed her instructions and the only real issue I had was getting the fondant on the cake without any folds. However it was a lot better than with previous cakes. I was pleased with the results.

Sharon has another DVD in the works entitled "Successful Stacking" Here is a brief overview from her website. You can pre-order and save a couple of $.

Sharon Zambito will lead you through the complete process of stacking a multi-tiered cake, using a method which minimizes the amount of damage that occurs to the icing during the process. Learn how to stack in a way that will allow very small borders or no borders at all.The techniques taught in this lesson can also be applied to many different types of stacking systems and equipment. This complete step-by-step video also includes a full supply list and suggested vendors.

Sharon's DVD is looking pretty tempting!!!!

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