Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lemon Birthday Cake

This cake was a last minute idea when I was talking with a couple of friends the other night. One of the ladies mentioned it was her husband's birthday on Sunday, which just also happened to be my turn to bring snacks to class at church Sunday morning. The result was a Lemon Cake with Buttercream frosting and lemon garnish.

I used my tried and true WASC (recipe link at the right), but made a couple of adjustments. I used a Duncan Hines Lemon Cake mix and instead of adding vanilla or almond flavoring, I juiced one lemon, added a little Creme Bouquet flavoring and grated the rind of the lemon into the batter. Instead of 8 egg whites, I used 5 whole eggs instead. The result was perfect!

For the filling I layered cream cheese frosting and lemon curd.

I frosted the cake with Sharon's buttercream recipe, which looks a bit cream colored instead of white because I used a little bit of butter flavored crisco. I actually like the look, especially with the lemons. I used a diamond impressed mat that I purchased from Sugared Productions, and followed Sharon's instructions on how to use it. I was pleased with the results of my first try!

Because I iced the cake Saturday, I didn't want the lemons to sit on the cake so I waited until morning to put them on. Cake isn't normally what I would serve as a breakfast treat, but it was a special birthday for a special friend!

Larger Cake, this one went home with the family:

Small Cake, we ate this one right away in class!

Both Cakes, you can see the side a bit better with the diamond impression pattern:

Belated Valentine Cake Photos...

I made a simple White Almond Sour Cream cake using the Valentine's Cake Mix for my family a few days after Valentines. I baked them using a set of heart pans that were from my Grandmother. The cakes baked amazing well in her pans even without any baking strips and I didn't even have to trim the top of my heart cakes.

I filled and covered the cake with milk chocolate Ganache. The roses are Red Satin Ice Fondant and Royal Icing Leaves. I wasn't too worried about the cake being smooth and just left it casual looking.

Family Valentine Cake:Close up Of Fondant Roses:

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Anonymous said...

Your cakes look fabulous! I want some of that lemon cake. I cannot find your email so please email me when you get time. Sharon Z. ( Sugarshack)