Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blossom Flower Set

I finally ordered the Blossom Flower Set from Global Sugar Art and it arrived yesterday. I also order a couple of extra cutters. The top three are a set of bell flowers, works perfect with the double sided veiner. The blossom set is the middle cutter and veiners. The bottom is a dog rose cutter. I experimented with some of my Marshmallow fondant and later made these flowers, with the large bell flower cutter and petal veiner. So easy to do!

That isn't all of them I used the rest on a batch of cupcakes for tonight. Vanilla with Brown Sugar frosting. The colors are very light, but very pretty. I love my new tools! Thanks to CakeJournal for all her inspiration on using them. She also includes a how-to on using this set.

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