Saturday, November 10, 2007

"A Slice of Cheese" Birthday Cake

It's once again birthday time at our house, and by special request DD has requested a birthday cake to fit her theme of Ratatouille. This time I started early! DD knew just what she wanted, and I was able to find an example at I got the cake layers baked early, had the frosting made up and the character ready to put on the cake.

One layer is chocolate cake, the second is white cake with sprinkles (confetti cake), filled with cream cheese frosting. I used a new recipe for the buttercream frosting. The frosting tasted great, still have a lot of issues with air bubbles. Not the smoothest cake, but it was to look like cheese and that was all the matter to the birthday girl. The figures are a character set from our local Disney Store.

"A Slice of Cheese" Birthday Cake

Monday I am working another birthday cake for a friend's birthday tomorrow night. A friend is coming over to help me. We are going to attempt to make Chocolate Transfers of Eeyore for our friend's birthday. I am also going to make smaller cake for one of the daughter's who will also be also be joining us who just turned 18. She just wanted a really small cake. since I have a lot of yellow frosting left I think I will do some yellow roses on her cake. On the cake with eeyore I am going to make some whimsical ribbon type roses out of fondant.

I just finished baking some cupcakes with my DD for her class tonight at church, but noticed they were very oily when I removed them from the pan. Seems she misundestood when I said 1/3 cup, she put in a 1 and 1/3 in the mix and I didn't check! Humm, will find out if we can eat them! We are using some of the yellow frosting (did a mention I have a lot of it!) and topping with some royal icing pansies, violets and apple blossoms. Had a lot left over from another cake I did earlier this year. I will post pictures later week!

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