Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Father's Day Cake

It was time to attempt another Fondant Cake and Father's Day gave me a good reason to do one. Here is the cake!Each tier has one layer of White Almond Sour Cream Cake and one layer of Chocolate Cake with the Extender Recipe from cake central. For the white cake I made the following adjustments: I used a French Vanilla Cake Mix and instead of 4 egg white I used 3 eggs. If you want a truly white cake use a white cake mix and no yolks. I followed the recipe for the extender and added a 1/3 cup of cocoa powder to make it a bit richer.

I used a 9 inch pan and a 6 in pan for each mix. There were a bit full and even with the baking strips baked round above the pan. Next time I will not fill the pans so much and maybe make a small pan with the left over batter by making a small marbleized cake.

I tried to get the chocolate fondant to work so I could cover the cake, but finally gave up. It just didn't have any elasticity. I took the marshmallow fondant and immediately could tell it was going to be a lot easier. I think I still need to practice to getting the fondant to go over the cake smoothly.

I tried using the chocolate fondant to decorate with, but it just kept tearing and breaking. Luckily I had some extra Wilton White Fondant and I mixed in a little to make it look marbleized. Turns out it helped it out a bit. Still had to work hard to get the decorations on before they got to dry and broke.

I covered and decorated the bottom layer, put the smaller tier on top after I cover it in MMF. I decorated it after I secured it to the top of the cake.

We kept it refrigerated until we served it the next day after our Father's Day Dinner. When I cut the cake it was really pretty with the two layers! The cake had a really great texture and flavor, and I was pleased with the way the cream cheese filling and fondant complimented the cake.

Other than the problem with the chocolate fondant and getting the fondant smooth I was pleased with out this cake turned out!

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