Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Scarlett's Dress

Scarlett O'Hara Inspired Dress from the "Gone with the Wind" film

A dear friend from our church family was given a surprise birthday party.  Her favorite movie of all time is "Gone with the Wind."  She shared with us that she loved the movie so much when it was released that I watch it over and over again at the theater.  I wanted to capture one of Scarlett's iconic dress as a cake design.  After pouring over pictures and pictures from the movie, I carefully designed the cake to represent the white lace dress with red bow.

The cake is 3 tiers, with a foam insert by Wilton (discounted) covered in red velvet fabric.  I set to work covering the entire cake in white fondant.  I stacked the two bottom tiers and prepared to adhere the "ruffles", however after an hour or two of it not working out and becoming absolutely frustrated, I admitted defeat.  I set to work on a new plan.  Using this Floral cutter by FMM, I imprinted three strips for the top of the cake.  Then I made several strips to create the layers of lace, and carefully attached each one to the bottom two tiers.  I didn't have enough time to try my hand at making magnolia flowers (which were also featured in the moved) so I attempted the arrangement of silk flowers. 

My friend truly loved it, and I was pleased with how it turned out, and was completely surprised by her party and her cake!

My only concern was the foam insert, it is hard to secure because you can only secure it with frosting.  I can see why it was discounted!  Good concept poor design. 

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