Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wow has a year and half gone by without any cake postings!?  I had to take a break from cakes as life was getting a bit crazy.  I did do a couple that I need to find the photos of and get posted!  I did wedding shower cake back in September and a year before that a Scarlett O'Hara dress inspired one for a birthday!  I also did a wedding reception cake that was huge.  I think there was a couple others, I can't remember!  I do miss my cakes...  I should look for the photos and get them posted!

Last year we decided to redo our kitchen, and when I say redo...I really should say tear it all out and REDO it all.   In January we started talking with our contractor and by June we were moved out of the kitchen and ready for the chaos of having a backyard "kitchen."  In spring I was working on a shortbred...thankfully I had just finished the last batch...and discovered that the oven completely died.  It wouldn't be until late August I would have an oven again.  Of course just about as the time we were ready to begin demolition of the kitchen, the bbq broke...that was going to be our source cooking while the kitchen was being done.  Needless to say we were able to get a nice new gas bbq that got us through the summer!  Still no cakes and here it is January and still no cakes.  Plenty of cookies and other treats, but no cakes.

In addition to the kitchen, we remodel a bit in our living room, and painted the outside of the house.  We have a couple very minor things to done, but we officially signed off on all the work the first week of  November.  Most of the kitchen is put together, with the exception of a few things.  With the holidays we opted to wait on unpacking most of the living room, and decided to wait until after we took all the decorations down.  Wise move.  Now to clean out the garage and get rid of a lot of stuff we just no longer need.  Maybe this year I can start back to work on my cakes! 

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