Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Patriotic Themed Cake

Our family recently went on a 9 day tour with a Christian Tour group that went through Plymouth/Boston, MA, New York, NY, Gettysburg,PA, Washington, DC, and Williamsburg/Jamestown, VA. Last night we had a little reunion to get together and share photos and memories. I did the cake for dessert.

I was such a great idea on paper, but I wasn't all the pleased with the final look....but that is me. Everyone at our reunion last night loved it. The cake was a 14 inch round and very difficult to work with. It was so moist that when I leveled and cut it into layers, the top broke. Fortunately I was able to get it all together and get a good crumb coat on before I did the final frosting. Here it is before I did the top and final smoothing.

After I got the letters made, which I must say was absolutely the hardest thing about this cake! Never having worked with JEM lettering before and trying to do it in less than one hour was a nightmare. It was hot as blazes in the kitchen and I must have cut out a hundred letters to just get the ones that ended up on the cake. And getting them on the cake was absolutely frustrating! Once I got finished you will noticed that I sprinkled red and white sugar on it to cover up my fingerprints!
On the side I used an impression mat with lines. Love the look, and it's so easy to do, thank goodness! My daughter helped me get the ribbon on and then we taped the photos on with double stick tape. They held up pretty well through the event.

The pictures of the cake were taken on my cell phone because none of us brought a camera. I didn't check them before cutting the cake and later I realized they didn't turn out very well. When my DH asked last night if I wanted more pictures I said "don't bother." Today I told him, next time remind me that it will matter the next day!

The cake was a White Almond Sour Cream cake with a thin cream cheese cake pie filling with a layer of fresh strawberries. Lauren told me one little girl had 5 pieces, guess that meant it tasted good too!

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