Sunday, January 24, 2010

Red Roses Birthday Cake

Love the way this cake turned out! My friend's husband requested a cake for his wife's birthday and we surprised her today at church. I think she was pretty surprised!

I used a basket weave impression mat on the side, and love how it turned out.
6 in round, lemon with lemon filling:

10 in lemon cake with lemon and buttercream filling:
12 in chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling:

Final presentation:

Happy Birthday Becky!


Robin said...

Very pretty! The lemon sounds yummy.

Beth said...

Wow...your red rose cake looks awesome. That is what I exactly want to gift my Valentine.

Kara said...

Nice roses! I can't make buttercream roses that look good, yours are very nice.

Sandi said...

Thanks! I don't see to have too many problems with buttercream roses..but I can't seem to get the hang of fondant ones!