Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ribbon Inspired Cake Voting Begins

I have had an idea for sometime to do a cake based on a ribbon design. A few weeks ago I picked out a few ribbons that I thought would be good to use, I finally narrowed it down to 4, I had way too many choices! If you think this is a little odd, it's amazing what cake decorators will find to inspire them. Here is an example of one baker using ribbon to inspired her cookies. At cakecentral there is a even a cake being designed based on a famous chandelier!

Vote for one choice, you can vote more than once, I will never know! You can click on the picture to see the ribbons better.

For the actual cake I will use the ribbon to inspire the design, so it's not going to look exactly like the ribbon. I don't have really any plans on size, shape or style for now, so until then vote for which ribbon you would like to see as a cake design.

Also, stay tuned a new cake for next week, Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant, pink, strawberries are all a part of this birthday cake!


Robin said...

I voted for the first one. I love pink and brown!

Marcia said...

ribbon one