Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ribbon Roses Heart Cake

This cake seem to take me forever to get finished. I will admit, it's not my best work and I am not all that happy with the final look. I am my worst critic, and I know where I rushed and where I skimped a bit. The Fondant should have a smoother texture, but I rushed and didn't take the time to get all the air bubbles out and stiffen it up. The top design is not quite what I had anticipated and would have like to see a more defined heart shape. The ribbon roses, which seemed to be easy to form, took me a few attempts, but eventually I did get a few I was happy with. My leaves didn't form tips, seems to be an issue I haven't quite figured out to fix.

Of course, this is a learning cake and the whole purpose of it was to practice. So I did learn a few things:

How to make Red Velvet from scratch, and have it taste good.
I tried a new cream cheese frosting recipe, which crusts very well
Take more time getting the fondant prepared ahead of time.
I made the rope border using my new sugarcraft gun, I can see lots of potential for using this tool more in the future.
I did a lot of procrastinating on this cake and to make up time I rushed over a few elements.

Thanks to all those who voted, now for the pictures. Now if I just had the nerve to cut the cake and serve it after all that work!

This week I am working on the Zanzibar Baby Shower Cake. I will start baking and working rest of preparations tomorrow. Today, Tuesday, is always a busy school day, and I will only be working on getting the templates ready for the chocolate transfers. Tomorrow I will bake the cake, prepare the frosting and fondant, and get started on the decorations. I won't actually put the entire cake together until Friday, with final set it up on Saturday. Even the though the shower is Sunday, it's right after our church services, so setting it up on Saturday is my best option. Hopefully I can get the pictures posted over the weekend.

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