Monday, January 5, 2009

January Cake: Which Design to Use?

A new year and a new reason to make a cake! This year I want to make a practice cake each month (or at least try!) and I thought I would give my friends and family a chance to help me out. This month I would like you to vote on which design I will use for my January cake. The cakes won't be exactly like the pictures, I may change the color, shape or size of the cake, but I will keep with the same design.

The pictures are all from cake central and will link back to the original photo and decorator's information. This month I have chosen three different styles for you to vote on:

First design is a Peggy Porschen style cake, one of my favorite cake decorators. When decorating for this style of cake I would use fondant to cover the cake with fondant accents. (Cake Central Member rouv).
Second is a snowflake themed cake, perfect for the winter weather of January. I would use buttercream frosting and make the snowflakes with royal icing for this cake. (Cake designed by cake central member heavenlycakes.)The last design is a scroll work design (most likely without the flowers and swags). I used a scroll work pattern on a wedding cake, but wanted to get it another try. For this particular cake, I would use all buttercream. (Cake designed by Cake Central Member KoryKA)
The poll ends Sunday, January 18 and I will bake the winning design and get it posted as soon as possible. Happy Caking!


Serendipity said...

I love the snowflake cake (check out my wedding cake), but I must warn you... royal icing snowflakes are beautiful, but delicate! I can't tell you how nuts I went after I shattered the first few. Good luck!

John Flowers said...

For as cool as the Fondant Covered cake looks, I personally don't care to eat Fondant, so I have to go with the Snowflake cake.

kimberly said...

I think the Fondant Coverd cake looks awesome!
BTW your neice voted for the snow flake cake. She knew what that was right away. Of course, being three she gets no internet voting privelges! And truth be told, she REALLY voted for the princess castle.

Robin said...

They are all beautiful. But I'd pick the snowflake cake - since it is January. Can't wait to see your version.

Marcia said...

I vote for the scroll, I think. Or the snowflake (but personally I'd rather see it not wedding cake style). I like butter cream so... Hm. Final vote. I think the snowflake I guess. Because I've never seen one like that before.

Sandi said...

If the snowflakes wins, I promise to not make it look like a wedding cake :-D