Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sweet and Simple Party Cakes

I just received a new cake book from my craft book club. Gotta love those half price sales! This newly release book is written by May Clee-Cladman of Maisie Fantaisie from the UK entitled "Sweet and Simple Party Cakes." The majority of her ideas in this book is using fondant and gumpaste, very popular in the UK and becoming just as popular here in the US. It's not just a book about cakes, but how to actually decorate the examples in the photos.

The author introduces you to a variety of basic for baking and decorating cakes. She gives an overview of equipment you may need, recipes to get you started and the basics on preparing your cake to be decorated.

Each chapter is divided by color categories rather than by holiday, event or celebration. What I found most helpful with this book was how the author takes one concept and reworks it match a different color or event. Instructions for every design are included in the book, some a bit more detailed than others. Most of the designs are simple as the title implies, with only a few that would be more complicated. One thing to keep in mind is this is written with European instructions, so various items or terms may differ from those that we have here in the states.

The photos are well done and show the details of many of the cakes. Templates are also included. With this book I think I could come up with dozen of cakes based on her ideas and creations. However until then I have a wedding cake to prepare for. Time to go make the frosting!

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